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Amco Drilling Project Amco Drilling Project 

Health and Safety

Health, Safety and Employee Well Being are key business drivers for Amco Drilling

We endeavour to provide a work environment that is free from Accidents, Incidents and Health Hazards for our employees and all those who come into contact with our operations

Robust and well implemented Safety and Occupational Health Management Systems provide the foundation for our proactive safety culture and promote safe working and employee well being across the organisation.

Our highly motivated and fully competent workforce recognise that Health and Safety is the responsibility of every member of the team and this philosophy is clearly demonstrated within our excellent safety record and our ability to work safely in the most remote of locations

The company’s approach to Health and Safety induction, training and communication ensures that our employees are fully engaged in the creation of proactive safety behaviours which pursue the identification and eradication of workplace hazards and the achievement of our Health and Safety Objective.

Amco Drilling’s management team strive for continuous improvement across all aspects of Health and Safety by leading, encouraging and facilitating the development and implementation of good practices and ensuring that the highest standards are achieved and maintained at all times.

As a company we are committed to long term sustainability and the prevention of pollution. This commitment ensures that we conduct our operations in an environmentally conscious manner and is fully supported by detailed systems for the identification and control of the environmental aspects and impacts associated with our work.